Marketing Your Home

Professional photos

One of the most important aspects of getting buyers into your home is the use of professional photos. Once you have your house cleaned and organized our professional photographer will come in and take any photos, videos or drone photos we feel is necessary to get your home sold. By ensuring we have high quality images and videos, we are able to effectively deploy our marketing campaign and portray your home as best as possible! 


Your home will be immediately listed on the Multiple Listing Service which is one big catalog of all homes for sale in your area. The multiple listing service then feeds to all other websites where potential buyers may be (zillow,,, etc.). By ensuring that your home is listed properly on every available website, we can guarantee you that we will have lots of eyes on your home! 

Internet Marketing

All of our property listings are online under Featured Listings on our website as well as on all local websites that subscribe to the Multiple Listing Service. Research from the National Association of Realtors indicates that more than 80% of home buyers now begin the buying process online. Our website includes the most advanced tools available, including active maps, mortgage calculators, showing schedules and more! We will also feature your home on all social media platforms to gain even more attention!


Immediately our distinctive 'For Sale' sign is placed on your property along with a brochure box containing photo/property information flyers. Whether you have one of our bright green signs, or one of our pink for sale signs, your home will definitely be noticed! 


As quickly as possible after receiving your signed listing contract and pictures, our marketing coordinator will begin preparing high quality flyers, postcards, social media ads and more! By ensuring we hit every facet of our marketing campaign, we can ensure that we don’t miss any potential buyers! 

Open House
Some of our clients do prefer to have open houses as well! We are fine with holding open houses, but generally we like to have one in the first week or two that the listing is active. This ensures that it is a fresh listing, and will garner more interest than a house that has been sitting for a while.