Where does our market currently sit?

Our biggest question we are answering lately is how is our real estate market? Its the age old question that everyone is curious about, especially in our area where we have seen extreme circumstances. So to make it easy for you, lets look at some of our numbers! 

Currently in Midland we have 650 active single family homes for sale. With an average list price of $438,365, this puts our average price per sq ft currently at $164.07 and an average of 81 days on the market. With interest rates currently hovering in the low to mid 3's, this gives you a healthy market to choose from with homes in all price ranges to accomdate for the diversity that our market is known to see. 

Odessa currently has 552 homes for sale, which is a bit lower than Midland. Odessa currently has an average list price of $294,483 with an average price per sq ft of $134.72 and 92 days on the market. 

So where does that put us for the rest of the year? We are slowly seeing the number of homes available declining. The average price has stayed relatively the same, regardless of the conditions currently going on. With oil prices continuing to rise, along with more families moving into the area, we are projecting to see our housing market continue to move forward with some great growth numbers epected for the rest of the year. 

If you are curious about a more in depth dive into the numbers of our market, please reach out! I would love to discuss further the market, our numbers, and your current situation! 

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